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    the preeminent gail simone of our time

    One’s too many and a hundred ain’t enough.

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  2. Anonymous said: personally I think the show should go with the storyline of the book in the way that after will gets stabbed in the face, he moves to Florida and becomes a alcoholic. it's less painful then him dying, for the fannibals at least


    Is this responding to something I said? Because if it is, I don’t know what it’s referring to—I say a lot of things, some of them contradictory as my mind changes over the course of time. 

    I’m not sure how a character ending up a disabled drunken divorcee is a less painful ending for an audience than that fictional character’s death, especially if he dies heroically, if that option is on the table.

    I guess that’s kind of a matter of opinion, though.

    The problem with the alcoholic-in-Florida ending is that it’s anticlimactic, hard to show, and entirely dissatisfying: there’s no plot there (as an ending, that is; as a midpoint, it’s workable). Even Harris didn’t actually show this being the case; he just had other characters gossip about it as if it were true. The series would have the added trouble of taking audience investment in its protagonist for two thirds of the show’s life and attempting to shift it to a different character, which while it doesn’t prevent them from attempting it, would be a precarious endeavor at best, and a foolhardy one at worst. 

    I am not even certain at this point that Will is going to get stabbed in the face: they’ve redistributed a facial scar to Chilton already. I think they’ll still do it; I just don’t know that they will. 

    And besides that, I don’t expect Florida is going to happen. I literally thought that it wouldn’t happen the very first instant I saw a shot of Will’s house, before I even knew they’d be doing this “mashup” business, all the way back in “Aperitif” last year, and I haven’t changed my mind about that one yet. Will’s house is the little house in Florida, with the dogs and the solitude and the places to fish. 

    Anyway, i could be wrong about any of this or all of it, since obviously they still have many choices to make if we get that far in the story. But these are my opinions about the idea. 

    For completely shallow reasons, I hope Will doesn’t get scarred up because Hugh Dancy is pretty, and I will be sad. Maybe take an eye and give him a cool Elle Driver eye patch or something.

  3. hannibal spoilers

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    "The definition of Afro Goth is a subculture of African and dark skinned men and women that have a passion for goth and/or emo style in dress, music, and personality. The goth style tends to gravitate towards a darker palette and both clothes and makeup using cimmerian undertones."

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  8. "I have to learn how to say no a lot. Life is too short for anything else."

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    yo..this tru

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    A woman hitting a neo-nazi with her handbag, Sweden, 1985. The woman was reportedly a concentration camp survivor.



    Bless her heart and soul

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  16. role models

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