1. "what’s your sexual orientation"



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    The Adventures of Prince Achmen.
    1926. German.
    The oldest surviving animated film in history.

    Nonono, you don’t understand how AWESOME this movie is

    because it’s not done by a big production firm, or someone with a name as big as Walt Disney, no

    the writer and “mind” behind this film was a WOMAN

    yes, my dear tumblr peeps, the very first trick animator in the world was a young German woman who had an idea, and enough friends and time to make a feature-length animated film. And it took her three years

    because the way this movie (and some shorter works she actually did before Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed) are done is really, really complex. You see those leaves, and the hair of the figures? Yes.

    That’s hand-cut paper.

    Lotte Reiniger - that’s her name, my friends - always loved the art beind the Chinese shadow puppetry, and after she heard a lecture by Paul Wegener (famous vor the early movies Der Golem and Der Student von Prag) about the possibilites of animated movies, she wanted to combine these two things.

    And guys, how she combined it…

    Most of the puppets and scenerey she made all by herself. Her friends set up a special table that was lighted from underneath, and in the later movies she would even change the colours of the background mid-scene to change the atmosphere. Above it was a camera, shooting photos of the scenes that she moved milimetre for milimetre for those 16 pictures per second she needed for her movie.

    Which makes Die Abenteuer von Prinz Achmed not only the first animated feature-length movie, but also the first stop-motion movie.

    I just cannot stop staring at the reflections in the water. This is beautiful.

    This is amazing and so very important. 

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    James Potter was ready to sacrifice his life to save Lily.

    Severus Snape was ready to sacrifice James Potter’s life to save Lily.


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  4. this is a severus snape hate blog

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    Kehinde Wiley’s paintings often blur the boundaries between traditional and contemporary modes of representation. Rendered in a realistic mode–while making references to specific Old Master paintings–Wiley creates a fusion of period styles, ranging from French Rococo, Islamic architecture and West African textile design to urban hip hop and the “Sea Foam Green” of a Martha Stewart Interiors color swatch. Wiley’s slightly larger than life size figures are depicted in a heroic manner, as their poses connote power and spiritual awakening. Wiley’s portrayal of masculinity is filtered through these poses of power and spirituality.

    One of my favorite artists working today. His work is fucking amazing and beautiful.

    You should see his art up close! It’s amazing!!

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    Film Meme: [1/4] 2014- Coming Soon

    Cesar Chavez:  An American Hero. 



    Now this I want to see.

    You know what I hate. Cesar Chavez is an American Hero.  So why doesn’t every body learn about him in school? Because of the concentrated Spanish speaking population in the Southwestern states, folks up North, and in the “South” and on the East coast don’t learn about him.  Or in my case, I think he was mentioned 1 time in 13 years of public schooling. And there is a hefty amount of Spanish speakers in Ohio who I’m sure would have loved for their children learn more about this man.  Only reason I know the bulk of his story is because of college.  And tbh, depending on where the person above was from, I would imagine a lot of people didn’t know that this movie was coming out because it may have been marketed to primarily Latin American communities. And the movie is coming out in MARCH. They had to have been marketing for this somewhere.  All the trailers and previews we see, I aint even heard of this movie until I saw this post on tumblr.  Literally nowhere.  And Michael Peña is one of my favorite actors.  I’ve been following him since before Selena.  I love that he’s been getting great roles recently, and this one is probably his biggest yet.

    I doubt if this movie even gets shown near me.  How you going to call somebody an American Hero but aren’t willing to share and promote his story with all of America?

    Agreed I ain’t seen a single trailer for this movie, and I NEVER learned about Cesar growing up. Never.

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  8. Charles?


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  9. x men days of future past spoilers

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    slow jams that will get you laid (if you appreciate them); for tom mison a.k.a. a 90s rnb mixtape for for those poor souls who are misguided about the lovemaking properties of 90s slow jams. [listen]

    they don’t know - jon b. | nice n’ slow - usher | can we talk - tevin campbell | i wanna know - joe | last night - az yet | cherish the day - sade | if i ever fall in love - shai | candy rain - soul for real | you’re makin’ me high - toni braxton | don’t leave me - blackstreet | on bended knee - boyz II men | hard to say i’m sorry - boyz II men | i wanna sex you up - color me badd | do me - bell biv devoe | before you walk out my life - monica | i can love you like that - all-4-one | tell me - groove theory | close to you - maxi priest | i’ll make love to you - boyz II men | get it together - 702 | too close - next | anywhere - 112 | so anxious - ginuwine | any time, any place - janet jackson | freek-n-you - jodeci | red light special - tlc | giving him something he can feel - en vogue | 4 page letter - aaliyah | lately - tyrese | freak me - silk | nobody - keith sweat | end of the road - boyz II men | cupid - 112 | baby come to me - regina belle | freak like me - adina howard | i wanna be down - brandy | that’s the way love goes - janet jackson | i swear - all-4-one | can we - swv | my little secret - jagged edge feat. xscape | we’re not making love no more - dru hill | one in a million - aaliyah | my my my - johnny gill | sumthin’ sumthin’ - maxwell | i adore mi amor - color me badd | let me love you down - ready for the world | diggin’ on you - tlc | how can i ease the pain - lisa fischer | my love is the shhh - something for the people | knockin’ da boots - h-town | soon as i get home - babyface | vision of love - mariah carey

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  11. :D

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    Some pretty artses I did for a recent comic convention! You may have seen this (in form of prints) from a couple of my Tumblr posts, so here are ALLLL of them. 

    I had initially wanted to draw several of the X-Men in different seasons (I have Kitty Pryde slotted for Spring, and Jean Grey for Summer), and got stumped for a season that would best represent Ororo. When in doubt - ask the Internet - I posed the question to my Facebook fanpage followers. The answers were? Draw her in ALL the seasons XD

    So here she is, Storm for all Seasons. I wanted to draw her for ages in an appropriately awesome setting because she is one awesome character - and I ended up splurging on four illustrations of her at once lol

    I tried to insert some references of the weather in each seasons (rain for Spring, a summer thunderstorm in the Summer piece, wind for autumn etc).. nothing very out there but hopefully it’ll add something to the overall piece!

    Thanks for viewing :) And should anyone want to own a piece (or four) - the prints are available at the following links:

    http://etsy.me/1hAqq3i (A6 prints, full set)

    http://etsy.me/1jCHavb (A4 prints, full set)

    http://etsy.me/1cjDJUI (A4 prints, singles)

    My goodness, Hanie - they are even more beautiful than the smaller pictures led me to believe!!

    omg i thought they were tarot cards but there is no writing on them. these are gorgeous!

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  13. Mistress of the Elements

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    Aldis Hodge by Lanisha Cole

    He looks better in this suit than any model in any suit in any ad I’ve ever seen.

  15. ugh you fierce bitch I can't stand you stop it!